Fat Cat Wine Bar

Tapas 101

Traditionally a collection of Spanish appetisers, Tapas in Australia has slowly evolved into a full meal consisting of several courses of small delicious dishes.

At Village Lane we have an obsession with all things Tapas and are influenced by the culture of sip-a-little-bit-of-this-and-eat-a-little-bit-of-that. We have come along way since taking over the space in late November 2015 and our seasonal menu is being very well received by the locals. Combine that with our imported wines from all around the world we can proudly say that our venue is something fresh and exciting and defiantly worth the experience.

Eating tapas is never boring. It encourages conversation and sharing among guests, and prevent focusing on the plate you have in front of you. The Spanish culture is well-known for its open mind, willingness to socialise and the cheerfulness of its people. And tapas represent all that!

To view our new Winter Menu click here: NEW WINTER MENU

We look forward to having you here to enjoy our Tapas & Wine Bar.

For bookings call (02) 46556666 OR email us at info@thefatcatcamden.com.au

Vincenzo Cavaleri